Remembrance Day

  Nov 11.11.11 I want to say. They shall not grow old as we are left to grow old.Age shall no weary them nor do the years condemn.At the going down of the the sun and in the mourning.We will remember them. I never had the privilege to serve and protect my County i would stand and salute these heroes of today and years gone by but i do not have that right as i did not earn it. Thank you is never enough thanks but that is all i have to offer. I never did meet my father who fought in the Korean War. To him i will say thank you for your sacrifice! We must and will honor theses heroes some of whom made the ultimate sacrifice.And never were able to see the fruits of there courage.To the younger generation i ask of one thing in future on November 11th of every year put you phones down for a period of time and come out and show the heroes some honor and respect. They have earned it and is it really to much to ask?